10th Annual Professional Development Symposium

September 2018

Panelist for the Millennial Leadership Challenge at the National Black MBA Association 10th Annual Professional Development Symposium.

Up & Coming Feature in TD Magazine

August 2018

This article highlights the importance of finding the right balance for personal and professional endeavors. It shares my path to talent development and curiosity for learning new things.


STEMazing - Innovation Consultants is a founding member of the Georgia STEAM Alliance Network (GSAN). This nonprofit continues to provide the space for nonprofit, private, and public stakeholders to share and create stem solutions. To learn more about GSAN visit www.gasteamalliance.com.

Discover Costa Rica

July 2015

Innovation Consultants visited Costa Rica to study best practices and culturally responsive approaches in how the classroom incorporates concepts of political science. Shermaine Perry, Executive Director, met with principals in local schools to learn about social studies curriculum in the southern region.

YELL Out Loud

June 2014

Shermaine Perry designed a series of lessons for elementary school students to learn how government intertwines with STEM Education. Campers of YELL Academy Summer 2014 participated in a collaborative discussions and hands-on activities to create policy solutions for environmental issues. Parents and teachers were impressed by their innovative ideas.

A Vote Works Wonders

March 2014

Shermaine Perry facilitated a forum on the power at the polls, voter education, and why students should care about and participate in the process. Students at the CAIA Youth Recruitment Voter Education Conference 2014 learned how decisions made at the polls are interwoven with daily teenage life.

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